We love diversity and representation, social change and inclusion, beginning and advanced models. We give opportunities for everyone and we help our talents with technology for models, influencers and artists, with a 100% free, online and open agency system that allows you to participate in other agencies.

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In Divacity there are "Divas" and "Models". The first are all those who use and appear the website and the second are those approved to enter the agency. If you want to try, sign the contract in your account settings and if you are selected, we will approve the contract and notify you. That would mean that we will try to help you find contracts and opportunities.

The agency is international and 100% free because we work only with the models that we like, so you only pay $10 on the website or the APP to activate the model functions and receive your one-year contract without having to pay registration or monthly payments. As easy and transparent as you just saw. Good luck!

If you are interested in modeling or want to be represented in the world of fashion, beauty and showbiz, we are ready to help you and you can start now.

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Address 100% online agency
Age From 14 years old.
Profile Basic 100% free with your model or influencer website.
Prof Premium US$10.00 with agency functions.
Contract The model contract is free but you need to be Premium.
Casting We will call the models that interest us.
Commission We charge 34% on each job achieved for the model. If there are no jobs, the model pays nothing.
Attention Automatic: for all. / Direct: for those who are called.
Categories All except child
Phone Only for selected models.
Email [email protected]
Extra Benefit Your model website (free)

Divacity is a digital platform to promote models and digital influencers, founded 3 years ago. Although the project is only 3 years old, it is backed by more than 20 years of experiences and previous projects in various countries and in multiple areas of fashion, beauty and art, which is why Divacity is currently one of the best technological platforms for models.

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