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How does it work?

How does it work?

We will do a photo shoot online. You take the photos with your cell phone following our instructions, we edit them, publish them on the agency's official Instagram and send them to you by email in international format so that you can use them in other contests, agencies or on your social networks.

What is a book?

When we do several sessions of these, we select the best photos and organize them. This organized selection is called "BOOK"

Where is displayed?

On the Diva Page that we give to our models for free, where you can create up to 10 different books. You can also appear on the official Instagram of the agency if you want to participate in the Instagram Contest.

Do I need Books?

These books are what you need to present yourself in castings, contests, other agencies, model interviews, etc.


  1. 12 photos for 2 looks.
  2. Book organized in your model profile.
  3. Your photos on the Official Instagram.
  4. Cheaper than the traditional book.


  1. Pay for your book on this page.
  2. Follow the instructions that we will send you by email.


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